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Juice Vibe Bar 

Healthy, Vegan, Fresh


JuiceVibe Bar is an all-natural juice bar located in Berwyn, Illinois, committed to providing the healthiest, most nutritious juices, smoothies, superfood blends, plant-based and gluten-free delights to the entire community. 


Hispanic and woman-owned, Juice Vibe opened up in 2020, quickly making a name for itself for its vibrant colors, cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and, of course, its delicious natural products. Its owner, Anabelle Martinez, wanted to bring a piece of her Mexican family traditions and warmth to the Chicago land area, and that's exactly what she did. Every corner of the shop seeks to represent the colors and beauty of Mexican culture and mercados, transporting customers to the lively country as soon as they walk through the door.  

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When you enter Juice Vibe Bar, you'll be greeted by one of the great juiceristas, who are always ready to take your order and guide you through our menu. 

From Juices to Smoothies, Bowls, Coffee, and Savory treats, everything in the Juice Bar's menu is made with the most natural, simple, and high-quality ingredients.  There is a delicious and healthy option waiting for you! Juice Vibe Bar’s menu is ready to serve you with the best organic, veggie, gluten-free drinks and pure juices. Everything prepared is sweetened with natural Mexican agave, imported directly from Mexico. Healthy from A to Z. 


Apart from serving the best healthy food and juices in Chicago, Juice Vibe uses only 100% eco-friendly, sustainable items, looking after the planet as they do with their customers.

Every day is a fresh start; come and treat yourself with everything in Juice Vibe's menu; your body and taste buds will thank you! 

Taste out the fresh, natural juices and healthy detox juice and sets, or start the day off with our signature Nescafe shaken frozen coffee with a delicious vegan grilled cheese. Or —why not—try out our tasty gluten-free, vegan bagel! Take a look at our child-menu options and, if you are looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch near Riverside or Cicero, you'll definitely want to try Juice Vibe's amazing Plant-based Superbowls, named after Mexico's most incredible female artists.

Everything on the menu can be customized and combined with all your favorite add-ons —like vanilla-flavored protein, collagen, CBD, Tumeric, spirulina, nut butter, and much more. The sky's the limit! 

Join Juice Vibe's unique customers' reward program! 

Download the app and keep track of all your purchases to earn rewards and discounts on your next visit. 


And don't forget! If you’re near Oak Park or Forest Park and you're craving a delicious smoothie or vibe bowl, come visit us.  And if you don't feel like going out, you can just order straight for curbside, in-store, or delivery. Check our fresh, natural, veggie, gluten-free delivery options, and enjoy Juice Vibe Bar’s experience at home.


Cheers to your health! We look forward to meeting you soon :)

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Wanting to franchise with Juiced Vibe Bar?

Contact us to learn more about Juice Vibe Bar’s franchises. 

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